W1 Cryptocurrency Platform (the W1 Platform) offers a highly advanced decentralized entertainment ecosystem for film finance, production and distribution, based on blockchain technology, and built on the Smart Web 3.0 infrastructure.

W1 defines a new paradigm for financing, production and distribution of Hollywood films and other entertainment content. It provides the ideal ecosystem for the management of digital rights with applications far beyond film and TV, to include VR, AR, Games, music and other entertainment assets. W1 provides digital ID’s and Digital Identities to allow producers to secure their property rights and to monetize content in the form of digital assets. W1 further empowers users with peer-to-peer connectivity, enabling them to conduct sophisticated transactions based on their designated set of rules, encoded in smart contracts.

​The technical architecture and design philosophy of W1 originated from Hollywood based Wardour Studios, and the vision, being carried out by W1 technical and management teams, is to deliver the world’s most sophisticated and secure entertainment platform for global exploitation, of Hollywood films, TV, as well as and other entertainment content, based on Blockchain and  Smart Internet Operating System.

W1 is simply the Smart Web Ecosystem for the Entertainment Industry, Powered by Blockchain, and dedicated to creating a brand new digital smart economic zone to foster peer to peer connectivity between producers and viewers of film and other entertainment content.